How to End the Cult of Gender Ideology I have read a number of heart breaking stories of families torn apart by gender ideology. Parents at times blame themselves, or their children or other young friends that supposedly hooked their children into gender ideology. But the fact is…
Yes Virginia, Black People Harm or Kill Each OtherListen now (2 min) | Stopping the Marxist Destruction of the United States is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work…
It’s no secret that Columbia now has a difficult operating environment. The Manhattanville expansion has stalled. We went from being the number 2…
Reverse Discrimination Causing Suicide Among White Men and Young Black People Listen now (2 min) |
Been Busy Working on My BooksListen now (2 min) |
Miss Universe is Still Man Owned, Anne Jakrajutip is a Man!Listen now (5 min) |
Anti-Israeli Protests at the University of Michigan Listen now (3 min) |
Feminists are Lesbians; Psyop Against Nuclear Family Listen now (4 min) |
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